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Over the years, we’ve been able to build a reputation as one of the best non-profit sports organizations in the tri area. We couldn't do it alone, we rely on our amazing partners to promote fitness, fun and confidence for the children in our community. Thank you to our amazing partners for the couniting support!

We accept sponsorship applications from prospective companies throughout the year. Those interested in partnering with us in any capacity are encouraged to contact us!

Ken Morrison - REALTOR ®

Ken Morrison - REALTOR ®

With Over 17 Years Experience in the Industry Ken has plenty of knowledge to share. He will always work to the best of his ability day or night to help get his clients what they want. Constantly staying on top of the ever changing industry to ensure we have the training that will help us to best represent the clients.
Qualico Communities

Qualico Communities

Drawing on over 60 years of Qualico experience, we understand the importance of partnerships that last. A community is only as strong as its members, and our relationship with our employees and partners is defined by longevity.
Stony Plain Lions Club

Stony Plain Lions Club

The Stony Plain Lions Club has been active in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, North America & beyond!Whenever a Lions club gets together, problems get smaller. And communities get better. That's because we help where help is needed – in our own communities and around the world – with unmatched integrity and energy.
The Black Dirt Company

The Black Dirt Company

The Black Dirt Company is a landscaping supply center and trucking company that is located in the City of Spruce Grove. We specialize in the sale and delivery of topsoil, garden mix, decorative rock, sand & gravel, fill clay, sod and other various landscaping products.

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