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Tryouts & Assessments

Ready to make the leap into competitive gymnastics? We are ready to put you to the test!

The Competitive Program is a structured, year round skill based program for the athletes who demonstrate an advanced aptitude for gymnastics. These girls/boys show exceptional skill in balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, independent work ethic and have the ability to accept corrections. In addition to physical aptitude coaches look at the child’s family as a whole package. A positive and respectful attitude is required from all family members as Aerials is a non-profit parent volunteer based club that is active in the community

Why join Gymnastics?

  • Improves strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, coordination, and focus.
  • Gymnasts learn to work as a team while striving for personal goals.
  • Emphasis on a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Develops and enforces important life skills such as discipline, toughness, determination, consistency and respect.






How to get an assemessment

  • Throughout the year a coaches keep a look out for exceptional athletes and recommend them to get an assessment to be placed within the competitive program. A coach will contact you directly.
  • Contact a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be assessed for a possible placement within the program.
  • If it's late into the competitive season, the Program Director may suggest your athlete wait and then attend tryouts instead.



competitive groupings

MAG Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Mini Boys 4 & 5 yrs

Competitive Mini Boys
  • Ages: 4 & 5 years old
  • Hours: 4 Hours per week
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)

Pre-Comp Boys 6 & 7 yrs

Pre-Competitive MAG Program
  • Ages: 6 & 7 years
  • Hours: 6 Hours per week
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)

MAG 8 yrs +

Competitive MAG Program
  • Ages: 8 years plus
  • Hours: 6+ Hours per week
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)

WAG Women's Artistic Gymnastics


ADAPT 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Ages: 3-8 years
  • Hours: 4-12 hrs
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)


JO 1 – 5
  • Ages: 6+ years
  • Hours: 6-16 hrs
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)


JO 6-10
  • Ages: 8+ years
  • Hours: 16-25 hrs
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)


  • Ages: 6+ years
  • Hours: 16-30 hrs
  • Program Duration: 12 months (July - June)

Performance Gymnastics

Junior Performance

Junior Performance
  • Ages 6+
  • Hours: 5 Hours per week
  • Program Duration: year long program

Senior Performance

Senior Performance
  • Ages 8+
  • Hours: 7 Hours per week
  • Program Duration: year long program



Parents, What to Expect

The Tryout fee is $10 per athlete and you can register online here!
Tryouts will be held June 8th, times will be posted closer to the date.

All Parents must attend the information meeting on the first day of tryouts. Recommendation letters will be available for pickup the following day at the front desk. All athletes must pick up their envelope with either acceptance into the competitive program or information about our recreational programs. Please make sure your child:  Brings a water bottle, ties long hair back, No Jewelry please, Please wear a bodysuit or shorts & T Shirt, Bring your smiles!


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