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Kids Physical Literacy

Founded in 2013, Inspire Sports is a comprehensive provider of physical literacy education solutions for young children through data-driven products and services based on big data analysis and scientific Kids Physical Literacy evaluation and education system.

Inspire group, headquartered in Alberta, Canada, is jointly founded by several Olympic and world sports gold medal winners. With its professional sports marketing background and strong sports resources, the group is committed to building a world's top modern sports management company. We are proud to implement the KPL curriculum into Aerials Gymnastics offerings. 

What is KPL?

What is KPL?

The Active For Life "Tree" KPL is the foundational roots of movement every child needs to prosper and succeed in physical activity both at a recreational, competitive, and leisurely way for life. By utilizing the sensitive period of young children's physical literacy development, supported by LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) and LTD (Long Term Development), the international Inspire Sports teaching and research team has designed a sports course that conforms to children's physical and mental development by using FMPs and MCP training as the basic means to comprehensively improve their physical literacy.

Step 1

Children will under-go assessments:

  • Growth Assessment
  • Motor Skills Assessment
Together, these will provide an overall evaluation.

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Step 2

Students will go through the full Inspire Sports KPL curriculum.

Step 3

To achieve the curriculum certification, students must complete 25 of the 30 units successfully. All student skills will be tracked through the Inspire Sports APP.

Step 4

Upon achieving the KPL curriculum for your age category, students will receive an international certificate acknowledging their completion and will be offered the opportunity to compete online in North America's first KPL competition with routines comprised of skills from Units 1-30 for their age respectively. They will receive a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award dependant upon the percentage of skills in the routine done to curriculum standard.

Program Overview

Program Overview
Each Colour has 30 Units Each Unit = 2-5 Videos from over 200+ Fundamental Movement Skills The Inspire Sports Kids Physical Literacy Program has 3 age categories to coincide with school grades K-1 (Green), 2-4 (Blue), and 5-6 (Red). Each category has 200+ FMP's (Fundamental Movement Patterns) mixed with MCP's (Movement Competency Performance) divided into 4 stages each with a unique focus.



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